Wetskills Water Challenges - An innovative approach of authentic learning and networking in the water sector. Since 2010, Wetskills attracted more than 350 participants from more than 75 international universities and organisations in one of the seventeen Wetskills events all over the world. In 2016, the first three Wetskills editions are planned in South Africa (Durban), United States of America (Boston) and Taiwan (Taipee): see JOIN sector for more information.

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So, what does Wetskills have to offer you?


As Wetskills participant, you will experience real-life cooperation in transcultural teams. It will s create or expand their your first international network, based on: intercultural teamwork, mutual acceptance, out-of-the-box ideas, comfort zone challenges and knowledge/expertise exchange. You will experience the way of working in a country with its own water challenges combined with a formal water-related event, where you will meet experienced water leaders. Is this not an ideal situation for the first steps in your career as water professional?

The target group of Wetskills is Bachelor (final stage), Master and PhD students, fresh graduates and Young Professionals (max. 35 years) with a passion for water. The target group may differ per event.


As Case owner (organizations with a water challenge),  you will get your own international team with enthusiastic and transcultural students and young professionals. You will come in touch with high potentials. Your team will come with a creative solution for the implementation of your challenge in the local situation. This is matchmaking and showcasing in one time! Moreover, Wetskills will provide the stage to present your product and services at the formal event for a larger public. Before, during and after the event, the companies get extra publicity. Your company’s name is linked to the energizing Wetskills Water Challenge event and the formal event. And the idea will probably lead to follow-up!

The conditions for case owners differ per Wetskills event.


As local partner-university (or universities), you have the possibility to network with local water companies, government and universities, but international ones as well. This new learning experience method is energizing for your students. It can trigger your professors and teachers with ideas to develop your applied research. For follow-up activities you establish links with Dutch universities and other universities worldwide, where Wetskills has been organized before.


The Wetskills Water Challenge is developed bottom-up by enthusiastic water professionals that are closely involved and passionate by their profession and the world of Wetskills.

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About Wetskills

Wetskills Water Challenges – An innovative approach of real-life learning and networking

The Wetskills Water Challenge is a two-weeks pressure-cooker programme for students and young professionals with a passion for water from all over the world. They meet in a country and work in transdisciplinary and transcultural teams at water-related topics. The main challenge: develop as a team your own innovative and out-of-the-box solution for water challenges in a changing world. The study cases are provided and formed by study case owners, companies and organisation with a dedicated challenge in a local situation. These concepts are presented during the formal event through an ice-breaking and energizing session, when the cooperation between the Dutch water sector and the partner-country is showed and positioned. It provides a floor to integrate generations, water challenges, disciplines and cultures.

Wetskills focus at real-life challenges, strongly linked to the sector. The so-called case owners are smaller and larger companies, governments, knowledge institutes and NGOs or a consortium of more than one organisation from the water sector of The Netherlands and/or partner-country. The organisation formulates the study case for one of the Wetskills teams. The study cases describe a water-related challenge, based on the regional challenges of the country where the Wetskills is held. The team is challenged to find an out-of-the-box and applicable solution for the case owner and present it at the formal water-related event.

This networking and knowledge exchange event has been organised in more than ten countries all over the world. Since 2010, Wetskills attracted more than 250 participants from more than 50 international universities and organisations in one of the fifteen Wetskills events in China, Indonesia, Oman, Israel, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa (2x), Mozambique, Romania (2x), The Netherlands (2x), United States and Canada.

Contact Wetskills

Wetskills is part of the Human Capital agenda of the Dutch water sector. It is build up as a corporation under the umbrella of Human Capital of NWP, KNW, H2O-job and H2Oost. Many partners were involved. Since September 2015 Wetskills is an independent Foundation. Royal Dutch Water Network (KNW) is the financial administrator for this Foundation. For more information: Johan Oost (johan.oost@wetskills.com)


Royal Dutch Water Network (KNW)
Binckhorstlaan 36-M420
2516 BE The Hague

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